Etherwave Antenna vs. Theremax Antenna

Posted: 8/6/2007 9:55:03 AM

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Hey guys,
I am building Art Harrisons 126 Tube Theremin and was wondering which antenna would be better to use. I wanted to use traditional antenna, not to big copper plates, so I was looking at the antennas that come with the etherwave (from moog they are $50 for both) and I think you can get the Theremax antennas from PAiA for $35 dollars.

Does anyone know the different in these antennas? Thickness/Diameter? Length? Playability?

Is there a better option for me all together? I really wanted to go the one vertical, one loop option. Let me know! I just ordered almost all my parts and need to order these asap. Thanks a lot.

Posted: 8/6/2007 10:00:41 AM

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Personally I would go for the Moog antennas as they are more solid and will give you a better result. The Theremax antennas are rather flimsy.

As for ordering parts from moog. How does one go about that?

Posted: 8/6/2007 10:02:30 AM

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Thats what it appeared like from the pictures, I just wasn't sure how that observation held up in the real world...

You know, I actually just want to the website yesterday, and sent an email. I got an email this morning saying I can order the antennas for $25 a piece, and I can call or email in the order.

Hope that helps!

Anyone else care to chime in??
Posted: 8/9/2007 3:44:44 AM

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25$ for each antenna?

you might be better off making them yourself
Posted: 8/9/2007 6:35:45 AM
Charlie D

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If you get the Theremax antennas, you'll just end up replacing them after five minutes. They're essentially copper wire. Get the Etherwave antennas. They're solid, reliable, look better and will improve playability.
Posted: 8/11/2007 3:49:21 AM

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I went ahead and got the etherwave antennas. I just got all my parts in from mouser, digikey, harrison instruments, and my new hakko soldering iron... I should get my antennas in soon. I started working on the chassis, got all the tube socket holes punched, and will soon be wiring up my first theremin!

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