Posted: 6/1/2006 12:22:12 PM

From: Lausanne, Switzerland

Joined: 3/15/2005

What kind of amplification do you use? Tell us your setup. Do you suggest, a guitar amp (tube-transistor), stereo hi-fi, 2.1 system? Where do you plug your theremin to, and what is your setup. Say, amplifier brands and suggested setups, for each theremin model you ve got!
Posted: 6/1/2006 1:24:14 PM

From: Jax, FL

Joined: 2/14/2005

I'm really not much of a gearhead/tech fan but I love these threads!

I run my Etherwave Standard through an ART SGX 2000 multi effects processor and then a Zoom 508 digital delay.

From there it goes into my new amp, which is a Crate KXB100.

I use some kind of effect(s) about half the time. Otherwise I use a totally dry signal, which evokes the classic theremin sounds we all know and love.

While I love effects and what they can do, I think it is also important to play the instrument itself.

It already has plenty of cool timbres and sounds without additional processing.
Posted: 6/16/2006 7:04:32 PM

From: Little Falls NY

Joined: 6/7/2006

At home I hook my Etherwave into my stereo receiver. Its high output works well with that.

Otherwise I use an old Peavey 4 channel mixer head. To make this work without clipping and distortion due the high output I created patch cable with a 47k ohm resister as per Kkisinger instructions.

Works well, I also enjoy some effects sometimes, I utilize a Digitech RP100 effects pedal. More effects than you can shake a hand at.

Posted: 8/1/2006 8:40:35 AM

From: Jax, FL

Joined: 2/14/2005

One thing I like about the ART SGX 2000 is the ability to control inpout and output levels.

It is an older effects unit but it still sounds nice and is very versatile.
Posted: 8/21/2006 7:52:11 PM

From: Herrick Center, Pa.

Joined: 8/10/2006

I have an old Meteor tube guitar amplifier that's been in my family since it was new. i had it in storage for about 26 years until I got my Etherwave a week ago. After replacing a tube I had borrowed from it years ago and doing a slight mod to change it from a hot chassis design it fired right up and worked great!

Ken Knapp
Posted: 8/22/2006 4:42:51 AM
Charlie D

From: England

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Posted: 8/22/2006 7:05:31 AM

From: UK

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I always plug my Etherwave into the PA of whatever venue I might be playing at, and pray I can hear it through the monitors. I sometimes ask for a bit of reverb if available; and otherwise don't bother with any effects.

At home I normally just plug it into the 1/4" jack audio input of my computer setup, and take it from there.

I've also got a couple of tiny CASIO keyboard amps. Can't remember the model number off-hand, but they're great. I did look a getting a TORQUE keyboard amp, which I'd love, but just don't really need.
Posted: 8/22/2006 10:37:08 AM

From: new haven ct.

Joined: 7/8/2005

I have a nice little portable Kustom PA that I use. It has small speakers on stands and a 4 channel amp. It all fits in a bag with wheels. The amp has inputs to play cds, sol i can use backingtracks. It has a nice warm sound, and is loud enough to cover any gig
And at home, I use it in my home studio to monitor my recordings.
Posted: 9/16/2006 10:17:51 PM

From: Jax, FL

Joined: 2/14/2005

One of my bands uses one of those little Kustom PA's.

It sounds great.

Besides my Crate KXB100 amp I also have a soundtech PA that I have used for gigs.

It's not quite as portable as the Kustom but it does the trick.
Posted: 9/17/2006 6:48:43 PM

From: Jax, FL

Joined: 2/14/2005

Today I wandered into the Bose store and saw their live music amplification system.

It is really cool looking and very minimalist in design.

It consists of one thin column and a bass box that is smaller than one of the above-mentioned Kustom heads.

All of the PA controls are on a remote that attaches to a mic stand.

I understand it sounds great as well but I don't know anyone who has one.

I may have to drag my theremin down there and hook it up.

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