Asheville Moog Music Workshop Highlights

Posted: 3/12/2007 4:57:10 PM

From: Jax, FL

Joined: 2/14/2005

I know you can post a link to the pics if you have them hosted somewhere like Flikr or Photobucket.

I did the cable over the volume loop thing for the first time yesterday while we were recording so I would have the on and off clicks on the track while I switched instruments.
Posted: 3/12/2007 5:00:25 PM
Thomas Grillo

From: Jackson Mississippi

Joined: 8/13/2006

Cool, Thanks.
Posted: 3/12/2007 6:15:38 PM

From: Croxley Green, Hertfordshire, UK

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It's not mentioned on the Formatting Options page, but you can probably guess the syntax for an inline image -


(Don't make the images too big - the site limits the width of images in postings to max 100 pixels and this can distort the aspect ratio of larger images on some browsers. It's a known bug.)

Posted: 3/12/2007 8:51:37 PM
Thomas Grillo

From: Jackson Mississippi

Joined: 8/13/2006

Photos of Asheville Moog Music work shop, and sights around Asheville are up.

Please understand, I did not have a working camera on the night of the show at Joli Rouge. I only had a half way usefull camera at the work shop. I was only able to salvage half the photos on my roll, so there's only Amos, Kurston, and one unknown guest, other than myself, and a couple of shots of the plant that I was able to save. The rest were nonrestorable. Sorry.

Here's the link.¤t=1173744317.pbw
Posted: 3/12/2007 10:56:01 PM
Thomas Grillo

From: Jackson Mississippi

Joined: 8/13/2006

Here's a link to the same photos in just an album form, no slide show.

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