advice? I'm travelling to the UK with my theremin (voltage etc.)

Posted: 5/26/2007 1:31:02 PM

From: NYC

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Re: Voltage/Adaptors/Power - Thanks for the advice. I had not even thought about that yet!

Re: Travelling with the theremin

I live in NYC and with tightened security, I have found it ridiculously easy to get through airport security with my theremin. I've never flown with my pro but I've flown with the standard at least 10 times and I've only been stopped twice. Both times, the security officers were more genuinely interested in the instrument than they were worried about it being a potential threat.

Re: Packaging for the Pro

I found a company in Colorado that will make custom-make gig bags for specific instruments. All you have to do is talk to them on the phone and send them tracings of your instument and they will make a bag for you.

That being said, I decided to go the cheaper route. I went to my local sporting goods store and bought a durable hiking backpack. With a little foam padding (I have a local foam store, t oo), The Pro fits perfectly and it's a lot more comfortable to carry around - it's made so that your hips support the weight rather than your back. The pack is 23 inches, but it should compress to 22, the ATA limit.

Posted: 5/27/2007 8:01:47 AM

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omhoge wrote:
"So for the Pro you do not need a transformer for the UK and Europe? Sorry, I've gotten confused again."

You only need a plug converter. If you look at the bottom of your Pro you'll see stated it can take 100 to 240 V. Britain uses 240V, afaik.

(I'm living in the Netherlands and bought my Pro from Turnkey. It was delivered with a UK power chord. I only had to change the power chord for a continental one. Voltage in the Netherlands is appr. 230V.)

hth, Jessica
Posted: 5/27/2007 8:21:52 AM

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Hi Hammy, good to see you!
Great, albeit pricey thought, Colorado Cases are great. But that sounds like a totally equal solution.

Hey y'all, while we're on this topic.
Give the current carry on restrictions,
how would you travel with two EWPro's if you had to; traveling alone?

I'm wondering if a second in it's box and then crated would be safe.
Would probably require a separate airline shipping ticket or something.

great info gang,
Posted: 6/25/2007 9:30:54 AM

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He blakejones and virani

How did it all work out?
blakejones did the adaptors succeed?
virani were you able to carry on the entire box, did the EWPro get home safely?

thanks for all the info. gang!
Posted: 6/25/2007 12:14:57 PM

From: paris, france

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hey. Yes, that was fine. I took the cabinet in my Carry on bag, and put the rest on my luggage.
They (of course) checked my bag and they were amazed by the theremin. I explained to them what is was, and they were like "woaw, cool...). They even excuse themselves for having open my bag.
So, no problem. It works great with a simple plug adaptor.
Thanks for asking...

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