Is this how it should be tuned?

Posted: 1/12/2011 4:49:14 PM

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bslotte: if the nonlinearity of your theremin is hindering you, Thomas Grillo has a video where he explains how to adapt to it by describing a curve with your arm in the higher octaves. If you haven't seen it before, perhaps you will find it useful.
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HI - I know this is an old thread but it has been super useful.

I got a Etherwave Standard a few weeks ago and haven't been happy with the..range? eg not enough notes. I know I need to add the mod to improve the lower end but I'll work on my playing first

So I opened it up and did some tuning today and got a better range and improved control field, but of course when I put the (wooden) case back on it went all out of whack. I kept adjusting but just couldn't get it as good when I put the case on.

I am a qualified radio engineer and so am relatively safe around these circuits but this is driving me nuts! Any tips??

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I should say I have a bit of bias here as my first love was a girl named Hayley Mills and then came Amateur Radio.

What I like about the theremin is in how something so simple, relying on natural phenomena, can do something so beautiful, perfectly.

There is enough info in this thread for tuning but this tip may be helpful:

Notice the wire loop around the base of the antenna: This 8" (20cm) 26# wire trick looped around the antenna base is temporary and used when tuning with the wood cover is off. Remove the wire loop when the cover is placed back on, this avoids the need to drill holes for re-tuning and other non-sense.


Ignore those clamps, that is one experiment I was using water for the pitch antenna trying to figure out the principles behind the Becker Electrodeum which is a better approach to perfect pitch linearity linearity.

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oldtemecula: Thanks - I'll give it a go today

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