TB-15 Amplifier

Posted: 3/2/2005 2:04:47 AM

From: Portland, OR, USA, Terra, Sol, Milkyway

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I decided that it is now the time for me to spring for an Etherwave. I have heard on these forums before that the Moog TB-15 amplifier has bad reviews. Has anybody had any experience with this amplifier? Is it any good? Should I purchase a different one? If you own one are you satisfied with it?
Posted: 3/2/2005 6:53:06 AM

From: UK

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Posted: 3/2/2005 7:55:44 AM

From: Hillsborough, NC (USA)

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I use a Roland KC100 keyboard amp with all my theremins. Being a keyboard amp, it responds better to the entire pitch range of a theremin than a guitar amp does, and you don't have to make the "guitar amp mod" to your Etherwave.

Another nice feature is that it has 4 channels, so I can mix in other instruments or effects at the same time.

The Moog amp is nice for small room practicing, but it's probably not very useful when you're playing on stage. It might work well as a beginner amp, and then if you decide later you need something more powerful, you could use it to make your own diamond baffle speaker :)


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