Posted: 3/18/2005 6:39:40 PM

From: fat

Joined: 3/18/2005

I am looking to buya theremin. I have found several on E-Bay ranging from 20 - 350 $$$. I dont want to spend much more than 70$. I am not looking to use this theremin for any hard core musician ship, just a decent well working theremin. my req. are

1. It's cheap
2. It works

I dont care weather or not it has dual antenas, I just want a all around simple well workin theremin.

My second delema is that im not sure is my (i think 80 watt) keyboard amp will do it.

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Posted: 3/18/2005 11:57:21 PM

From: chicago illinois

Joined: 2/15/2005

yuor amp will be ok but dont expect much out of a cheap theremin
Posted: 3/19/2005 2:35:13 PM

From: Los Angeles

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For less than $70 you can get the Jaycar Theremin from Jaycar electronics (around $35). It is a true theremin with both pitch and volume. It has it's quirks, but is much, much better than the "single antenna" models. Also, you can get the Theremax kit for around $70, which is a very good theremin for the price. The only caveat with the Theremax is that you need to be good at soldering to put it together.

Good luck in your search!
Posted: 3/24/2005 9:09:56 AM

From: Hillsborough, NC (USA)

Joined: 2/13/2005

So, did you end up ordering one? If you get the Jaycar, let us know what you think of it.

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