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Posted: 3/14/2013 10:45:59 PM
RS Theremin

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Hi all,

I like all theremin effects, don’t misunderstand by my inability to express myself effectively.

This is not a large LED TV Flat Screen but demonstrates the theremin driven color organ concept.

What would a Thereminist think of this idea adding visual beauty in your background with a real-time choreographed display, synchronized to your music and performance?

Currently I am exploring a theremin color organ. I think the 21st Century basics might be the third dimension of theremin I am inspired to find. The main components might be a large flat panel LED TV using its HDMI or RGB input with a computer interface controller with software that is already available. The result desired is good audio to visual translation with detail control. Window Media Player does something like this I think.

The question is what software? Here is a list of 10 possibilities unless I am looking in the wrong place. I am well known for walking and stumbling as it is balance thing.

This is for personal entertainment so I don’t want to reinvent the wheel. If anyone has experience in the field I am listening as I am at the bottom of the ladder looking up. Do you know a link to an audio/visual media group?

As I think of it, there may be more market for this than what I am currently working on as many musicians have a computer and large flat screen. LOL

When I said: “The theremin is old school by design and it is the connecting to the era gone by.”  I was hoping the words would be interpreted as respect.

- The reference to Classic Cars by Coalport was spot on. -

Metaphorically: If I inherited a mint condition Ford Shelby Cobra which bears the name of the designer and then swapped out the engine for a 427 Chevrolet or produced my own fiberglass kit to sell, how would you view these two products on the highway?

Let's say both builds were faster than the original, would you still revere the name Shelby the same way being flaunted at you from these other automobiles?

The finest theremin to ever be designed was built, all we can do is imitate. (-:


Edit: Lev Sergeyevich built all his later theremins using parts from the toy department (Detskii Mir) in Moscow and at that time nobody in Moscow was interested. Do you think there are drawings of his later transistor designs, the theremin is not magic or could it be? (-'

Posted: 3/16/2013 7:19:35 PM
RS Theremin

From: 60 mi. N of San Diego CA

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When I said digital reverb should not dominate the theremin sound, some of you thought I was picking on digital and others reverb.  I was actually emphasizing a specific character in the authentic theremin sound that is unique between the interaction of the Thereminist and Heterodyning. It is not found in any other musical instrument so design to reveal it! The theremin is more than a whistle in a box, a few understood this.

This is a non-engineer hobbyist designed solid-state theremin only hinting at the theremin character.  Listen  .mp3 180k  There is the possibility that what I hear is new baby syndrome as mine is the prettiest!   Do you hear what I hear?    If not I can accept that.

The flutter of a Thereminist finger tip movement is heard as a powerful mesmerizing sound as it moves over an audience. This is why Lev Sergeyevich sometimes referred to the theremin pitch antenna as a transducer. In a writing on my webpages now removed, I called something the Termen Effect and tried to explain it miserably as I am not an engineer. Some cursed me when they read it as if they were not allowed to understand and claimed it to be rubbish. The outer edge of the butterfly wing is called Termen for a reason.

When Clara Rockmore said,

"Don't forget that you are dealing with air! Think of your fingers as delicate butterfly wings, and you will get much further than if you use strength."

Was this her interpretation of what Lev Sergeyevich told her about the "affect of pushing air"?

“The Phoenix Has Risen”


PS: Please no Red Crayons!

Posted: 3/18/2013 7:34:33 PM

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Sweet, 3d Graphical Equalizer

Posted: 3/18/2013 10:08:26 PM
RS Theremin

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Angel said: "3D Graphical Equalizers is done over Pitch/Volume/Time
Pitch would be Colour (Blue low tones, Red/White High)
Volume will be how high the Light gose up (x,y)
Time will be how far it goes back (z)"

You seem to have explored this before. I am listening. I understand audio out and maybe control voltage along with turning on a LED flat screen TV with the remote.

What manufacture of a device and/or software do you recommend to go in-between. This needs to be real-time translation. I would enjoy pumping everyone else's theremin audio through my setup for my amusement as I find beauty in visual effect. Cost is not an issue as this is only for me. I may give a few away. (-'


Hey Canadians: "Are you getting the Northern Lights Show, now that is what I am talking about, turn up the CD player!"

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