NY Theremin Society Workshops 12/13 in Brooklyn

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The NY Theremin Society & Pioneerworks present:
Saturday December 13th
3-5pm (Adult)
6-8 (Advanced)
Pioneer Works
159 Pioneer St (Red Hook) 
Brooklyn, NY 11231
Phone:(718) 596-3000
supported by Moog Music
Cost: $50
Dorit Chrysler, Rob Schwimmer & Charlie Hobbs

HOBBS for workshop.jpg

Registration & More Info: 
In the 2 hour Adult Workshop, participants will be introduced to the technical and practical aspects of the Theremin - an electronic musical instrument that is controlled by the relative position of the player’s hands.
This workshop will include:
A technical overview of the Theremin by Charlie Hobbs, Builder of the Hobbs Theremin.
Theremin Master & Beginner Classes by Theremin Virtuosos Rob Schwimmer & Dorit Chrysler
Participants will be able to learn and practice the basics of playing the theremin, practicing in small groups and working towards repertoire.
Advanced Workshop for more experienced players: Advanced technique, repertoire, interpretation, etc.
Note: If possible please have a piece prepared and get us a recording (doesn't have to be you/ doesn't have to be theremin) beforehand so we can jump right in with the work. However this is not a prerequisite to taking the Advanced workshop. 
supported by MOOG MUSIC
The NY Theremin Society's previous Pioneer Works Workshop in The Wall St. Journal!
and here's the pictures from WSJ!
The NY Theremin Society is thrilled to be offering workshops again at Pioneer Works, Center for Art & Innovation, during the month of March. Located in Red Hook, Pioneer Works is founded by artist Dustin Yellin, offering a thriving community for art, music & science. The large brick and timber building will allow the NY Theremin Society to have enough space in a great environment to all be able to play the proximity instrument. During our Saturday Workshop participants will be introduced to the technical and practical aspects of the Theremin - an electronic musical instrument that is controlled by the relative position of the player’s hands.
The workshop will include:
A technical overview of the Theremin by Charlie Hobbs, Builder of the Hobbs Theremin.
An introduction to the Theremini- the new instrument by Moog Music that adds many new features to the traditional Theremin.
Participants will be able to learn and practice the basics of playing the theremin, and whether they have never played a theremin before or are an advanced player.  The NY Theremin Society Workshop is supported by Moog Music.
Join the growing Theremin movement in the 21st century! 
"There have never been as many thereminists in the world as there are right now...
Founded by Suzanne Fiol and Dorit Chrysler, musician/composer, the NY Theremin Society launched its concert series December 2nd 2005, bringing together skilled interpreters on Theremin, each presenting their solo works and joining in an experimental Theremin Orchestra. Those concert series took place at Issue Project Room and sold out regularly, featuring noted players such as Pamelia Kurstin,  Dalit Warshaw, Anthony Ptak, Elizabeth Brown, David Simons, Armen Ra and Rob Schwimmer just to name a few. (At this point over 30 internationally acclaimed thereminists have taken part in NYTS concerts.)  The NY Theremin Society started to serve as a platform for  Thereminists and Enthusiasts and its mission statement evolved; namely to exchange, inspire and educate, as well as to demonstrate the surprising variety of different approaches thatthis relatively young and unique instrument has to offer in the contemporary world of music. The NY Theremin Society was instrumental in the recreation of a Ten Piece Theremin Orchestra performing at the LA Disney Hall (emulating the first theremin orchestra concert taking place at Carnegie Hall in 1930) and continues its groundbreaking series at Joe's Pub presenting thereminists from around the world.
DORIT CHRYSLER "Imagine if Marianne Faithful and Nikola Tesla had a love child, with Jane Birkin as the nanny and Bjork as the wayward Girl Scout Leader!" Ann Magnuson, Paper MagazineAustrian born composer/musician Dorit Chrysler has composed the music for the Danish Pavilion at the most recent Venice Biennale.  She has recently performed at the MoMA, Lincoln Center, Coachella Festival, World Trade Center, Roskilde Festival, Vienna Konzerthaus, Moogfest & CBGB's - she is a featured Moog Music artist and her contemporary compositions have taken her around the world, including concerts in Brazil, Japan, Russia & Australia. Having released several records, she has also written sound tracks for TV and Cinema, as well as for visual artists such as Jesper Just. Other collaborators include Elliott Sharp, JG Thirlwell, Anders Trentemoeller, The The & Gibby Haynes.  Dorit produced and curated the 10 piece Theremin Orchestra at the Disney Hall of Los Angeles.  Her solo work includes Theremin, Vocals, Laptop and Taurus. http://www.doritchrysler.com
CHARLIE HOBBS is an artist, musician, teacher and engineer living in Brooklyn, NY.  His haunting and often humorous sculptural work ranges from robotic ghosts to collapsing spring-loaded ladders and inflatable breathing Doritos Bags.  Additionally he produces ink and watercolor works on paper of dreamy, meticulous landscapes, sculptural proposals and text compositions. His early fascination with electronic instruments and Theremins lead to his self-taught involvement with electronics and since he has built and restored several vintage models including original RCAs.  Hobbs even made his own RCA replica from identical vintage parts found on Ebay and custom-makes tube amps, intricate coils and other parts for theremin builders around the world. Charlie plays theremin, electric bass and synthesizer in the electronic-psychedelic band, Hi (pronounced High Five) who actively play in Bushwick and around the NY area; frequently collaborating with the performance group, Wild Torus.  He is the creator of the ‘Hobbs Theremin’ - a contemporary professional-grade electronic musical instrument inspired by the distinct circuitry and unique sound of the original instruments from the 1920’s. http://therealcharleshobbs.com/
ROB SCHWIMMER "...his moving reading of Wagner's "Träume" suggested a reassessment of the theremin's potential." (WSJ)  A pianist-composerdescribed as a "Theremin master" in The New York Times and a "Theremin hero" in The New Yorker, Rob was theremin soloist with The Orchestra of St. Luke's at Caramoor playing the premiere of Bernard Herrmann's Scene d'Amour from Vertigo performed with theremin for the first time and played theremin and piano on Matthew Barney's epic Cremaster 3 movie. An original member of The NY Theremin Society as well as a founding member of Polygraph Lounge,  Rob has worked with Wayne Shorter, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Paul Simon, Bobby McFerrin, Willie Nelson, Chaka Khan, Laurie Anderson, Simon & Garfunkel, Stevie Wonder, Bette Midler, Adam Guettel, T-Bone Walker, Sam Rivers, Marc Shaiman, Trey Anastasio,  The Klezmatics, Theo Bleckmann, Christian Marclay, Gwyneth Paltrow, Marshall Brickman, Mary Cleere Haran, Arif Mardin, Mabou Mines, John Cale, Steve Buscemi, Burt Bacharach, The Roches, Edie Brickell, Teo Macero, Hal Willner, Vernon Reid, The Everly Brothers, Ethel, Kurt Vonnegut, Sammy Davis... Rob has recently added the Haken Continuum to his arsenal of instruments. http://www.robschwimmer.com
Visit The NY THEREMIN SOCIETY on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NyThereminSociety
Invented 1919 by Russian electro physicist Lev Sergejewitch Termen, the Theremin is the only instrument that generates sound without being touched. Notoriously hard to play, it is one of the first electronic instruments that inspired the creation of synthesizers in future generations. Historically, the theremin is one of the earliest electronic instruments, introduced to audiences in the early 20th century. Subsequently, it served as the basis from which electronic musical instruments of the 20th century were later developed. Although originally intended for classical music performance, the theremin instead found its success supplying 'eerie' background music for countless motion pictures. Whether that it is due to its unusual frequency and vibrato effects, or the challenge posed upon the player to master its technique, the theremin has never been a widely-played instrument.
Yet today, among fields of electronic musicians, many more are rediscovering the potential of the theremin and exploring its complex and expressive sounds, pitches, movements, and gestures through various styles and media. In 1966 the Beach Boy's Brian Wilson put the Theremin to work in "Good Vibrations". In 1967 Theremins showed up on Captain Beefheart's landmark "Safe as Milk" and in 1969, Led Zeppelin anthem "Whole Lotta Love" featured a Theremin. Today artists such as Jon Spencer, Portishead, Nine Inch Nails, Elvis Costello, Trey Anstasio, and Simon & Garfunkel have put the instrument to use.
Leon Theremin emigrated to New York City in late 1927, quickly establishing a laboratory dedicated to the scientific study of electronic sound; in April of 1930, a Ten Piece Theremin Orchestra premiered on the stage of Carnegie Hall to enthusiastic response. A decade later, Theremin was whisked back to the Soviet Union (involuntarily, some have said) and placed in Butyrka prison, eventually working  in a Soviet think-tank  to develop a covert listening device for the Soviet government. Following Theremin’s abrupt departure and reassignment, his instrument inspired a handful of virtuosos, most notably Clara Rockmore and Samuel J. Hoffman, but ultimately fell into obscurity until...
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