Odd Noises from Etherwave

Posted: 1/30/2015 6:07:47 PM

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I have a fairly new Etherwave Plus (no modifications) and I am noticing some interesting sounds coming from the headphones output  (I use headphones exclusively, no amp yet). It is plugged into a grounded circuit and well any from any surrounding electrical or metal objects.

1) When holding my hand at zero-beat I can hear some quiet static/crackly noise.  As I start to move my had toward the pitch antenna and before any sound is produced (as a reach the edge of zero-beat) the static noise completely disappears and everything is dead silent. Is this normal or anything to be concerned about?  I'm wondering if I'm picking up any ambient RF-type noise possibly?

2) If I should rest my hand on the volume loop and then lift it I can hear a soft "pop" or "buzz" noise that is very brief.  If I drum my fingers on the volume loop (gently) I can get a series of these same noises.  Again, is this indicate any electrical problem? 

Neither of these two conditions is particularly annoying but I have nothing to compare this behavior to so if anyone can let me know if this should be cause for concern I would greatly appreciate it.

p.s. - I'm awaiting the arrival of my ESPE01 module and want to make sure my Etherwave doesn't have any electrical defects before installing it.

Thanks in advance for any comments.

Posted: 1/30/2015 6:34:50 PM

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Hey Zoogie,

I think I know exactly what you are describing. The Null Point or Zero Beat needs a name for this region of the pitch field like the OE (outer edge). From my experience the point just before the Null Point locks is the most transparent for noise to signal. Any unwanted noise riding down the power rails will be more obvious here like hum or PS switching noise.

What you describe is most likely normal though I strive for total quiet here or I am not happy.


Posted: 1/30/2015 10:00:35 PM

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1) is normal. In the zero beat zone, a heterodyning circuit mutates into a direct conversion receiver. The installation of the ESPE01 module will reduce the zero beat zone and thus this effect.

2) is normal. Almost each Etherwave does so, some more, some less, depending on component tolerances, temperature, humidity, and moon phases. Please remember that you shouldn't touch the antennas, there is also a little risk of damaging the circuit through electrostatic discharge.


Posted: 1/31/2015 1:02:20 AM

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Thanks for putting my mind at ease over this.

Really looking forward to getting the ESPE01 module installed! 

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