What's the next Theremin to buy?

Posted: 7/6/2015 4:27:26 AM

From: Oak Harbor, WA

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Good day to you Theremin World!

I made a couple of post earlier this weekend. The first was a sad, sad story about my B3 Deluxe Theremin meeting gravity and falling. The pitch antenna getting a little bent out of shape. Still works. But, the idea of dropping about $400 on a new theremin popped into my head and I was wondering.... What would be a good theremin to upgrade to? I'm all but glad to buy a new B3 Deluxe again too, I'm really sold on this Theremin. It's my first love and will probably always will be.

So I'm shopping the net and found the Etherwave Theremin. Looks beautiful. Then, I ran into the Theremini.... And I'm a little perplexed at this machine because I feel the "auto-tune" in key function takes all the "excitement and yoga journey" out of the Theremin. Ya'know? (I can't believe I used yoga as a description of my playing). 

Any help and direction would really help. 

I posted in a separate thread, but if there's anyone in the Washington State area. I would like to meet up and have a jam session.



Posted: 7/7/2015 4:13:19 AM

From: USA

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I think most would suggest the Moog Etherwave. Just my outlook on the issue!

Posted: 7/9/2015 12:27:21 PM

From: Oak Harbor, WA

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Either I talked to Mr. Burns himself or a rep. I'm doing a one for one swap essentially. I bought a replacement B3 Deluxe and sending Tilly back to the Burns Co. to be refurbished if it is at all possible. Though, in the future, maybe two years from now I'll def. invest in the Moog Etherwave. I'm going to stick to the B3 Deluxe. 

Why would you suggest the Moog Etherwave? Quality? Style? Maybe less "student" and more "professional"? Name brand? 

Thank you for the suggestions. 

Posted: 7/9/2015 5:38:45 PM

From: 60 Miles North of San Diego, CA

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As the philosophers say:

“You need to know where you want to go before you can start the journey. While it is not essential to know every detail along the way, you should have a general idea about which direction you would like to take.”

I cannot play the instrument but as a designer I have learned over the years by experimenting and listening to others what qualities I myself find most desirable. If you were in my neighborhood you could have the finest instrument ever conceived....

The ideal commercial theremin does not exist yet.

My first choice is the EtherWave Standard for its solid build, cost effective design and re-salability. For me the EWS “lacks the sound”, so the skill of an artist has to work harder to get a beautiful result. Not being a musician I do not know what is available for LIVE sound processing. I only know of one Master that has shared his method of what deep pockets can do with sound, but you would not drag that setup over to the Mall for busking.

For me “theremin sound should Sing” and not whistle. The whistle is the sound that dominates today since solid-state designs began to evolve, in other words something important is being lost in what made the original authentic theremin unique. Too bad so many got hung up on the importance of not touching instead of the authentic sound, on a recording most do not care about touch.

I believe a well-tuned EWS can respond as good, if not better, than an E-pro, the E-pro just “whistles” better. Now who would pay thousands $$$ more for only that?  Problem is that's mostly all that is available on the Pro seen.

Another glass of wine and I might be able to break out of the ramble and crystalize my thoughts.


Posted: 8/8/2015 10:23:33 AM

From: Colmar, France

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Save your money and wait for the first trimester 2016...

Posted: 8/8/2015 10:32:07 AM

From: Canada

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Thierry, what awaits us in the first trimester of 2016? Are you planning something and not telling us? Is there a new theremin in the works? 

Posted: 8/8/2015 10:43:52 AM

From: Colmar, France

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I'm just telling... ;-)

But it's too early to come out with details. All I can say for now is that I'm not doing it alone since I haven't all the needed competences, faculties and capabilities. So, among others, a renowned German theremin virtuosa and a British supporter are involved.

Posted: 8/8/2015 4:56:06 PM

From: Northern NJ, USA

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"...and a British supporter are involved."  - Thierry


Anyway, good luck!  Serious players need better choices, and the science / theory has been largely nailed down.

(Though product development is hard, hard work...)

Posted: 8/8/2015 6:00:33 PM

From: Colmar, France

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No, not FredM. 

Posted: 8/11/2015 4:35:28 PM

From: Northern NJ, USA

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Thanks Thierry!  

Last question (I promise): analog or digital?

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