THEREMIN - Simple Volume Control Schematic?

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I wanted to know if there's anyone successful in designing a sioles Volume Control circuit for THEREMIN? As there are lots of Pitch only circuits available, but no Volume Control. I also tried to design it using F to V & then VCA,etc, but Couldn't succeed. Does the Strange Apparatus schematic for Volume Control works?
Any suggestions for Volume Control or any sinpsi schematic possible for beginners to try their hands on?

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The VCA is half the battle, this one works really well:

Download my LTSpice file to see the schematic and simulate it (LTSpice is a free Spice circuit simulator).  Two JFETs and an opamp.

You would need to feed it a voltage from a resonant tank circuit.

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A good way is a frequency oscillator that is weakly coupled to a resonant filter whose capacitance is meanly the antenna loop. Either the oscillator or the filter must by adjustable to guarantee a resonance voltage of some volts. Due to the hand capacitance the filter will be dismatched and the r.f. voltage breaks more and more down. The filter is followed by a high ohmic buffer and a rectifier to get dc voltage. Then follows a vca. 

Two examples that are tested I gave in this forum to discuss.

Both are functionable. The first is shown in my Fruity Theremin video and the second in Theremin KRAFTWERK video

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"Two examples that are tested I gave in this forum to discuss." -- JPascal

I'm sure, if you move the 1.5n capacitor to new location between 100p and BA125, the 50/60 Hz  immunity will be improved.

Posted: 3/16/2019 9:50:58 AM

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Thanks, ILYA. Using the first circuit I remember a weak flicker modulation due to r.f. I thought that was caused by the breadboard. 

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