Choice of Theremin for New Player in the UK

Posted: 11/16/2021 9:39:24 PM

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Hi, thanks for all the suggestions and comments! It appears it might be difficult for me to get an used Etherwave (as some of you suggested) in the UK right now. Thanks a lot for letting me know about the Open Theremin project: I see that their V4 doesn't require soldering, so probably that might be a very good option, and the V3 looks good too. D-lev / Subscope / Claravox / Paia are probably going to be far beyond my current budget, though I really haven't looked at the prices for the first two. And as @Flounderguts mentioned (thanks for the very kind comments!), probably it doesn't make sense to spend a lot at the very beginning. So, it's either Open Theremin or Golem / Lost Volts for me now, I think... It seems there aren't many recordings of music of the kind I am looking for being played on Golem, on the internet. There are a couple of harsh comments from a decade ago about them using the Glasgow circuit design and it being inferior to other ones (a coincidence: I'm currently at the same university), but they might have changed this since then. Regarding Lost Volts: that's 95 pounds, actually cheaper than the Open Theremin, and also without possible complications due to import and such. There is a very nice review video by Thomas Grillo regarding this one. But there are also comments that "the upper register is pinched": I don't know what that means. If any of you have any ideas / experience with Golem / Lost Volts, please let me know. I shall be using a Blackstar HT5 tube / valve amp (bought an used one) which I use for my lapsteel, so I guess the earth / ground will follow from the same.

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Actually, the guy who plays the Golem theremin in the videos said on Facebook that he wouldn't recommend the Golem except for "experimental playing."


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Actually, the guy who plays the Golem theremin in the videos said on Facebook that he wouldn't recommend the Golem except for "experimental playing."Hmmm.

I see... thanks! Then it's a choice between Open Theremin and Lost Volts, I guess, with Open Theremin having better reviews...

Posted: 11/18/2021 4:08:53 AM
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There is a lot to be said for the burns b3 deluxe.  You can order directly from”Sounds like burns” they have a international power option  when ordering.  For under 250 US with Grillo dvd included it’s a great travel and beginner theremin.  Sounds good and plugs into guitar amps easier than most theremins due to lower output.  Not perfect but pretty good.  A bit hard to adjust field precisely.  Family business.  They were very nice to deal with.  Very playable.

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