Non-functioning Subscope Voice T3 Deluxe for sale

Posted: 1/21/2023 12:21:49 AM

Joined: 1/20/2023

Hi there!

I would like to sell my non-functioning Subscope Voice T3 Deluxe from 2008 in a beautiful wooden enclosure.

I’m not sure what happened to it that it stopped working. Currently it makes no sound and the LED won’t light up.

I tried to look inside and did some primitive tests but my electronics knowledge is rather limited so I abandoned the attempts. I, however, replaced the LED as the old one seemed to be dead. I also tried to leave out the diode near the DC connector as I thought it might have been used for polarity protection and burned out. With that modification, the LED started to blink and I could hear some clicks which means the circuit is not completely dead. I left it at this.

You can find some photos here in Dropbox.

I hope that someone could fix the theremin and give it the second life. It’s a pity it’s not being used and accumulates dust.

Feel free to message me with your offers if you are interested. I’m located in Germany.


Posted: 1/22/2023 12:27:15 PM

From: Russia

Joined: 9/8/2016

Based on these symptoms, it can be assumed that the malfunction is not serious. Easily fixable.

It is unlikely that something laborious has broken.

Posted: 1/23/2023 7:57:37 PM

Joined: 1/20/2023

Thanks for confirming my assumptions. I cannot do the work myself, so I hope that someone will acquire the theremin and take care of it.

Posted: 2/5/2023 9:22:11 PM

Joined: 1/20/2023

The theremin is gone and is already functioning!

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