Moog Theremini Master Volume Glitch?

Posted: 4/16/2023 10:04:32 PM

Joined: 4/12/2023

Hi all, I'm Silas, I make music with theremin and play shows in NYC, and I use a Moog Theremini in my live performances. However, my Theremini has a very troublesome issue: the Master Volume (the limit which can be set in the settings) will randomly drop very low, like 10~20%, making it all but inaudible over my backing track.

In fact, I returned my first Theremini to the retailer as defective, and had it exchanged for a second one. Lo and behold, the same problem occurs (although less frequently). It has happened both at home and at venues, both plugged directly into the wall or into an extension cord, and whether or not I have redone the calibration process.

I can't find anything online or in the manual about this issue. If anybody has experience with it or a hunch of what might be going wrong here, I'd sincerely appreciate your input–thanks!

Posted: 4/17/2023 1:45:58 AM

From: The East of the Netherlands

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Hi Silas. What I noticed is that it seems to be a software glitch that randomly occurs, only when the theremini is set to the theremin mode.

Posted: 4/17/2023 4:26:23 AM

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Ahh, I do have it set to theremin mode – and unfortunately I need it that way, the way I use this thing. Thanks for the tip! I'm going to reach out to Moog's support team and see if they know a fix.

(I wonder if the firmware update resolves the issue; however, the software required to do the update is not compatible with Mac OS Catalina. Alas!)

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