Goals for a TW Theremin

Posted: 11/1/2014 5:39:57 PM

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Dewster: sorry – i misunderstood. Now i see. Misunderstandings unfortunately are likely to be the reason to go into one´s shell!

And Fred definitely is important for TW and all its technically interested members. Never have been able to see or solve ESD problems.

And Christopher: still don´t get, why you always push that button concerning Fred. You are not in the need of that, are you? Experiment, as you like to do (i remember for example your well done acoustic chamber, a reverb design), but why all that disturbance?

As i said: have been in a bad mood. Sorry guys.


Posted: 11/1/2014 6:55:45 PM

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"  If the intention of a thread like this is to enjoy the journey and not the destination then by all means have at it and have fun.  But if you want to get across the ocean someone will eventually have to build a boat!" - bisem

Bits of boats are built..

Look back over this thread and the other related threads, and you will see numerous breadboards under test.

Its just that nobody can agree which bits to put together, and the delinquent kids come and smash essential bits.

Also, there is something of a difference between building a theremin and selling it, and developing a theremin that novices can build easily from common parts. Dominik makes theremins some owners love, but he isnt giving the schematics away (and has no reason to) so those who cannot afford 600 euros or who want to build their own theremin cannot build a SubScope.

But in a way the whole idea of a TW theremin is perhaps a bad one - for $95 you can buy an EW board and for <$50 you can buy a Jaycar kit.. So IMO the only reason for a TW theremin would be for us to develop a really good one.

And IMO, the only way to do that is by first defining the goals and doing the project in a systematic way to meet these goals, and to have some way to get rid of those who are intent on disrupting the process. A project like this needs a manager with the power to delete posts and ban disruptive 'contributors' - A project like this also needs the ability to attach files to posts and the ability to post links to other specific posts on other threads.

None of the above is going to happen, sad, but I think the truth is that its not TW members who are interested in technical posts here - looking at the hit rate on threads like the "digital theremin" this count could not possibly have come from active TW members - its these posts which are attracting the bulk of visitors to TW.

"put something together that can produce a sound byte?" - bisem

a sound byte proves absolutely nothing! (unless its god awful) - I could present sound bytes covering vocals and strings and whatever - any characteristic you could want to hear.. I could do this from hardware, or I could do this from simulations (which if I do at highest resolution and leave to run for a day will produce sound identical to the hardware) but unless this is from an affordable / producible / repeatable and  playable instrument, its meaningless. Theres really no big deal to crafting a waveform - the big deal comes with regard to the way it 'lives' and 'moves' over the audio spectrum, and how its influenced by the player - the sort of things that cannot be captured in a sound byte produced by an unskilled player.

A "sound bite" in the form of a piece of music played on the instrument is the only meaningful indicator - it tells one what the sound is like, and tells one that the instrument is playable! The theremini is the classic example of this - you can get some astounding sound bites, but there not one "tune bite" of any worth..

And you demonstrate this I am sure - Take your melodia and let some non musical person loose on it - the "strings" wont sound like "strings" they will sound harsh and unpleasant.. In your hands though, the sound is glorious.


Anyway.. Im off - I think everything that can be said about theremins has been said in the TW archives, all thats needed now is a way to find these! - Technically, all thats left is to share any new ideas or insights, or explore details in more depth, and thats not wanted here, and mostly thats all that I can offer.


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"But in a way the whole idea of a TW theremin is perhaps a bad one - for $95 you can buy an EW board and for <$50 you can buy a Jaycar kit.. So IMO the only reason for a TW theremin would be for us to develop a really good one."  - FredM

I think Fred has put his finger on a point that has been eluding me in this discussion.  The existence of good and relatively inexpensive kits removes the coil and other exotic component procurement difficulties.  And if they are good enough why bother to reinvent the wheel unless something better can be brought to the table? 

But there still seem to be those who want to start from scratch, and they are often led into the mire by questionable schematics available on the web.  The oscillator and coil learning curves can hit them pretty hard, as can troubleshooting and tuning.  For them, something a bit simpler than a Melodia (with no EQ coils) might be a good place to start their Theremin journeys.

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