moog melodia

Posted: 9/15/2016 8:06:00 PM

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dew said: "Very little of this is spooky or unknowable if you take a systematic approach."

Oh come on dew did you see my final post in the EWS sound thread, something communicated mathematically, do you see it?  Why that perfect harmonic combination?


Posted: 10/3/2016 10:04:37 PM
Fat Bob

From: Florida

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Here's the current state of my Melodia;

Fat Melodia

Posted: 11/24/2016 12:15:28 AM
Fat Bob

From: Florida

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I'm tinkering with some add ons for the Melodia. They consist of a VCA and Filter and a Compressor with fuzz.

Here's the pcb so far;


Posted: 3/10/2017 3:33:29 PM

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Hi, Bob! I'm thinking of building the Melody at the moment, but any similar coil forms are anavaliable in my country. Could you share any parameters of their design (dimensions, materials, drawings, etc.) please?

Here's a link to my topic in forum:


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