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Hello there, we are urgently searching for theremin builders who would be interested in building a TERPSITONE!

Preferably in France.

Urgent and any sugguestions are very welcome,

Very best,


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This is going to be a lonely thread 

I just got word from a friend of mine and he said the Theremin Terpsitone is more novel and not practical in design. If he were to do something similar today he would put pressure sensors under each corner and work from that concept, they would vary in resistance which would control a pitch. This is a much simpler and more stable approach, you will fool them all as Theremin likes illusion.

Also use a surface mounted speaker transducer  mounted under the floor in the center so the floor rumbles with sound.

Just fake it and call everything a Theremin like the bit-shifters do, no respect for the Theremin Family, no wonder nothing works properly after 20 years.  

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There are many other devices that might work for dancing, the theremin is a poor choice. Get four theremins together and place them around your stage and set them up and dance around them for a while. Record it. Then watch and listen.

Then there is the good news . . . 

Orba - cheap.

Wave (ring) more expensive

But what you probably want is an IR range finder controlled MIDI - hiring a composer would be cheaper.




The google search was for MIDI IR controller

Now if you could combine IR range finder with both the Wave and the Orba, costumes, projections and dancers and you may have something too awesome for public consumption.

So you will also need a time machine, but I signed a nondisclosure agreement.

Ah, the late 1960s and early 1970s . . . 

Put a 360 camera on each one of the proximity sensors.

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BTW - I ordered an Orba, and one extra for goodness sakes.

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Source Audio makes a midi ring controller as well:

Hot Hand 3 Universal wireless controller

Hot Hand USB wireless controller 

99 dollars

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