National Electrophonic - Thanksgiving Leftovers

Posted: 12/18/2019 8:01:26 PM

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A few of these have the fast vibrato technique - used very sparingly. Project 60 was not up to snuff - 9 out of 10 is still pretty decent.

My surgery has been postponed from 12/4 to 12/27 and now to 1/24 leaving me with a broken arm that has not had proper medical treatment for 352 days - is this a great country or what??? Come January I expect it to be pushed back even further, So in the meantime I intend to produce about 7-8 theremin works every day - you never know I will be able to do anymore after surgery. At least I don't need my right wrist to play the theremin - lucky me!

Inside and Outside - National Electrophonic p 69

Left and Right - National Electrophonic p 68

Black and White - National Electrophonic p 67

Plus and Minus - National Electrophonic p 66

Johnson and Johnson - National Electrophonic p 65

Frik and Frak - National Electrophonic p 64

Chaos and Order - National Electrophonic p 63

Yin and Yang - National Electrophonic p 62

So I am figuring on doing another 200 by the end of January with a 10% fail rate, for a total net of 180 pieces with 20 fails. After surgery I will be incapacitated for a while.

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more leftovers:

Trough and Crest - National Electrophonic p 55

Scratches and Itches - National Electrophonic p 54

OCD and Wireless - National Electrophonic p 53

Grind and Polish - National Electrophonic p 51

Of numbers 49 through 59, number 50 didn't make  the cut, the rest will posted perhaps tomorrow.

WMD Geiger Counter is where the heavy distortion sound comes from for this set of ten.

Happy Hollidays - see y'all next year. 

Ignore and avoid TV, movies and the news and be safe, sane and happy.

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more leftovers:

Sodium and Chlorine - National Electrophonic p 59

Akron and Macon - National Electrophonic p 57

Dean and Jerry - National Electrophonic p 52

Intrigue and Deceit - National Electrophonic p58

Fred and Ginger - National Electrophonic p 49

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Talk about Turkey and leftovers

I owe dewster an apology as I never understood what his B-Lev theremin was about until I saw your performance. This is an acquired taste but it is good …even interesting.

If you record live then you can easily play the same tune twice.


Posted: 1/3/2020 6:29:54 PM

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These are compositions. I fail to see the reason to repeat the same compositional process. The rub is can I play a tune you can recognize. I throw in tidbits of that quite often. While it will be a week or so before I have them ready for youtube, I have some special pieces where I put the melody you want to hear and then snatch it away from you to do my own metamorphosis, like unchained melody, swan, that aria you all love and more. I will even give you the location of those parts. 

After composing 59 pieces since Christmas I am sorry to admit that in one of them I hit a note about 1/10 of a tone too low.

]Bach's Two Part Inventions use notes, scales, arpeggios and melodic motifs arranged in a variety of ways. I do the same with the addition of sweeps and gestures, Like Bach and all composers. I use cliches over and over and over again. From the same toolset we create a limitless supply of creations, why repeat and miss out on the opportunity to create.

But I do repeat songs with the theremin, but no one notices or cares, so I compose for MYSELF and the CREATOR, because I sure am not capable of doing what I do every time I play

I turn off my mind , relax and let the  music flow, it is not I , it is everything else.

"No way out but in" composed in 2001, played again last year in the planetarium, the same way. Both versions on youtube.

When someone plays scales and arpeggios and hits the notes while playing the theremin, try not to assume they know less than anyone else does about such things.

Check out the Avant Garde Computer Music and Medieval , Renaissance and Baroque stuff

BTW - I invite anyone else to try to play what I do, it's easy, just a handful of cliches, not unlike overtures from the late 19th century.

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your text is in a very large font. If you cut it out, copy it into a plain text editor and paste it here in your answer window, this should be fixed.

I watched some of your interesting double theremin videos. To get a feeling of the technique behind theremin recordings  I often look at a simultan fft. Here is a visual impression of your work. The one theremin preset is as known, the other uses further sound processing. Can you tell some more about the additional moduls? 

Posted: 1/6/2020 4:42:33 PM

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Interesting graph, shows all them repeating patterns . . . I suppose.

The Model 302 Theremin is run into an Electro Harmonix Mel 9 box for orchestral sounds and the dry signal out is routed into either the Source Audio C4 SYNTH pedal, the  Electro Harmonix B 9 pedal (organ), or the WMD Geiger Counter (grit, bit crushing, growl and distortion) and then both channels are routed in to a Boss DD-20 and then fed into a Zoom R16 digital recorder recording two tracks for each single theremin part, long delays/loops are used only on the first part and not always. I use tracks 3 and 4. Part two is recorded on tracks  11-12 ]in the second bank. R16 effects are also sometimes added - Ocataver, AsianKit, DirtyBIz and Doubler from stereo effects and a range of the guitar distortion effects.

By recording two tracks for each theremin part I can get in effect two theremins playing from one, different attacks, sounds and pans.

I record part one, rewind and record part two and then listen to it. I may turn on or off the reverb and listen again. Then I record another. Just like clockwork.

The next batch, the Xmas sessions is somewhat improved.

Soon I will receive the Boss guitar synth pedal . . . too much variety!

Posted: 1/6/2020 5:52:50 PM

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Here is smidgeon of that aria pre teen girls sing on AGT, no preparation or planning, just popped into my hands:

Xmas Theremin Duo p 17

And promptly dealt with! Then echoed.

In another one I share a bit of the song Bart sings in "The 5,000 fingers of D. T" - you should watch the movie before I share that tidbit, "Practice, Practice, Practice" is a part of that movie and you have heard that here many times from the same sort right here! BTW - Bart Simpson and his nemesis are inspired by this movie. In the showdown between the elite and the common man, the THEREMIN plays a part, voiced by Dr. Samuel Hoffman no less!

AND THE HATS!!!! We NEED them hats.

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