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Theremin In Toyota Yaris Commercial

Don't you hate it when you're auditioning new band members, and some creepy faceless guy shows up with a reverb-laden theremin that causes evil green ghost/alien/monster things to rise from the floor and eat the whole studio?

The solution?  Apparently it's "buy a Toyota Yaris".

Part of me loves the cool animation here and the fact that a theremin could get some prime exposure through this campaign.  Part of me is still stuck on the "the theremin isn't just for creepy space music!" meme (it sure is good for creepy space music though).  I'm also reminded of that scene in The Doors where the band sees a Ford commercial set to the tune of Light My Fire and realizes they've sold out. 

Which side of the fences are you on?


Watch:  Toyota Yaris - MusicLab Campaign - Theremin (YouTube)