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Theremin Festival Announced for Dec 4-7 in Houston, TX

14 Pews

Houston art organization 14 Pews has announced a 4 day long theremin festival to be held from December 4-7, 2014!

The 4 day festival will feature several well-known thereminists including Thomas Grillo, Dorit Chrysler, Rob Schwimmer, Armen Ra, and Randy George as well as films and other experimental electronic musicians.  If you've enjoyed their music, videos, and conversations on Theremin World, this is an incredible opportunity to see them perform live and meet them in person!

14 Pews is an independent organization "dedicated to the tradition of storytelling expressed through film, theater, music, dance and the arts."  Director Cressandra Thibodeaux began the program in 2011 to bring the arts to marginalized and underserved communities.  The venue appears to be quaint, taking its name from 14 churn pews in its main auditorium - the perfect place for a theremin festival!

For more details, please visit or read the full press release.

Theremin Autumn Academy in Lippstadt/Germany from November 14 to 16, 2014

Theremin Autumn Academy

  • 1 former "Without Touch" festival
  • 1 common dinner
  • 1 special guest (Satenik Ulikhanyan)
  • 2 concerts
  • 2 seminars
    (theremin playing technique & teaching methods, composing for theremin)
  • 3 days
  • 3 chamber music classes
  • 4 workshops for electronic and experimental theremin music
  • 5 teachers
    (Lydia Kavina, Carolina Eyck, Thorwald Jorgensen, Wilco Botermans, Thierry Frenkel)
  • 57 hours of individual lessons possible

That's the new Theremin Autumn Academy in Lippstadt! 

The organizers of the former Without Touch festival, the Lippstadt public music school and its director Wolfgang Streblow, decided to join the successful academy concept, created by Carolina Eyck und Thierry Frenkel in 2010, to allow european Theremin students to meet and to have lessons with their favorite teachers at one more regular event every year.

More information and a registration form can be found here:

Secret World - Améthyste Spardel and Doug Hammer

Secret World

Secret World is a collaboration between award-winning composer and pianist Doug Hammer and ambient thereminist Amethyste Spardel. The music is haunting and ethereal, creating a unique soundscape that hasn't been heard before.

Secret World emerged from their combined intention of creating something in the moment. Every note was improvised together, uniting piano and theremin, an ethereal blend of beauty, passion and hope.

The album's official release is October 24th, but if you purchase the physical CD from, you can download the full MP3 album today.

Congratulations to Amethyste and Doug on their release!

Here's the full track list:

1. The Ones We Leave Behind       7:17
2. Winter’s Last Goodbye              6:36
3. Crimson Sky                            6:46
4. Raindrops                                7:28
5. Desert Bloom                           6:16
6. Crystal Water                           3:32
7. El Dorado Wind                        5:01
8. Moonflower                              6:15
9. The Road Behind                      5:19
10. Redemption                           7:10
11. Wrapped In Hope                   6:20
12. I Will Wait                              5:21

Love Attitude - Maurizio Mansueti

Maurizio Mansueti (a.k.a. ErMan of Timeless Sonic Factory) has shared with us his new theremin video, "Love Attitude".

The music was composed by Alessandra Celletti and Mansueti.  The track is taken from the new album by Alessandra Celletti "Above the Sky" (Transparency Rec. USA).  Mansueti performed the music on a Subscope Voicematic 3 theremin. 

The video footage is borrowed from the short film "Invention of Love" written & directed by Andrey Shushkof.  The haunting scenes remind me of a dystopian steampunk novel, and the piano/theremin accompaniment fits in beautifully.


Magnetovore Inventor Building New Theremin


David Levi, founder of Magnetovore and the inventor of the magnetic cello of the same name, is hard at work on a new theremin design.  His goal is to create a more playable theremin that will bring more musicians to the theremin community.  We're all for that!

Designing any new theremin is no simple feat, as our electronics savvy readers can attest.  Designing it to be a viable product and a playable instrument is even harder! 

That's why Levi is looking for input from the greater theremin community as to what features and characteristics they would like to see in a new model.  To gather information, they've launched a survey on their site and are asking all interested musicians and theremin builders to participate.  It's a short form with an option to leave your personal contact information if you'd like to be contacted for further discussions.

Personally, I would love to see a new professional grade theremin on the market.  Since the Etherwave Pro went out of production, there have been few viable choices.  Some have found used 'Pros for sale second hand, and others have returned to the Etherwave Standard or other models after their 'Pros were damaged beyond repair. 

We wish Levi and Magnetovore all the best in their project and sincerely hope they come up with a new high quality instrument that will stand the test of time.

Learn more at