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New music from Victor Estrada

International Space Music, Victor Estrada
Victor Estrada has just released a new album, "International Space Music", dedicated to Science-Fiction and also to electronic music pioneers.  Several tracks feature theremin, such as "Galaxian 2013", "International Space Station" or "Guido Fantoccini".  The album is available on Spotify and iTunes, and a CD is also available.  Visit Victor's website for more information:

NY Theremin Society - Workshop - Concert and Back in Brooklyn!

The New York Theremin Society is back in Brooklyn!

NYTS - Brooklyn Residency


March 2014

supported by Moog Music

Interested in learning about the theremin or just playing out loud with a bunch of your fellow thereminists?

The NY Theremin Society will be giving a workshop March 16th and concert March 29th at Pioneer Works in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Beginners to experts welcome... and all participants will play together at the concert!


March 16th, 2-5pm 

Pioneer Works

159 Pioneer St

 Brooklyn, NY 11231

(718) 596-3000/1

Cost: $40

Dorit Chrysler, Rob Schwimmer & Charlie Hobbs


March 29th, 8pm

Pioneer Works

159 Pioneer St

 Brooklyn, NY 11231

(718) 596-3000/1

Cost: $20

Dorit Chrysler, Rob Schwimmer & The NY Theremin Orchestra

This sounds like some great theremin fun! To Register email Dorit at

New Theremin Tutorial Book

An English version of the book "Manuel d'initiation au Theremin" is now available! Written by French & Swiss duo Jimmy Virani et Coralie Ehinger, with the participation of "Theremingeneer" Thierry Frenkel for all technical parts. 

This book is dedicated to beginners. Its goal is to guide you on your discovery of the theremin. It is filled with practical advice and provides a sound basis from which to start your theremin training. Here is the table of contents:

The books have been self-published (via Edition Des Sentiers)  and printed in a sheltered workshop manufacture in Switzerland. Illustrations and design : Nicolas Perrin / 28 grammes

Size of the book :  A5, landscape format (21 x 15 cm), 48 pages
Connected by spirals ​​of metal.

It is available via etheremin's online shop for 20€ plus shipping costs

More info here

Reader Project: A Theremin Built With Theremino

Theremino-based theremin

Here's a cool project submitted by reader Lello La Barbera.  What you see here is a theremin based on Theremino, a modular system for connecting multiple sensing and output devices together with real time communication.  Theremino actually stands for "The Real Modular In Out". 

This theremin uses the Theremino's CapSensorHQ module for capacitive sensing.  The body was created with a 3D printer.  Click the picture above for a higher resolution version of the photo.

Interested in building a Theremino-based system yourself?  Check out Theremino's website, and especially this page with more info on building a theremin, schematics, and the 3D model for the case.

New Hybrid Theremin from Moog

Announced at NAMM, Moog has release a new hybrid theremin combining heterodyne pitch generation and an analog synthesizer sound generator.  The Theremini.


Features include built in pitch correction, tuner, a speaker, and USB MIDI connectivity among several others.  With the pitch correction feature "making it impossible to play a wrong note", and the ability to set the pitch range of the instrument, this should be an interesting addition to the theremin community.  Listed at $319.00 it's already available for less from some authorized Moog dealers. Hopefully we'll get some "hands off" feed back from our members soon!