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Robotic Telepresence Theremin Playing Cat

We've all seen last year's viral (and infamous around here) video of a cat "playing" a miniature theremin, right?  Well this takes the concept to a whole new level.  In what appears to be a video from the headquarters of Mandarin Electron, we see that it's now possible to for a person to play a cat playing a theremin via remote telepresence.

Is this the new future of theremins?  Not sure, but it sure is fun to watch!

Thanks to CRL for the tip!

Update:  Masami Takeuchi provided some additional information on the project.  The robotic cat system is called Tango.  The video above features Tango 1 and was created around 1999.  He just shared another incredibly fun video showing two Tangos (one on theremin, and the other on snare drum) along with a band of animals from ~2000.  

NY Theremin Society To Hold Theremin Workshop For Kids

NY Theremin Society Kid's Theremin Workshop

Theremin greats Dorit Chrysler and Rob Schwimmer will be hosting the NY Theremin Society's first ever theremin workshop for children on Saturday, June 14th.  What better way to spend Flag Day?  Kids will learn how their 5 senses relate to playing the theremin and the basics of playing.  

2 classes will be held; one for 4-6 year olds and another for kids 7 and older.  The cost is $30 per participant.  Parents may attend with kids for free. 

A few spots are still available, so hurry on over to the event website for more information!

An Updated Magnetovore

For the past 4 years, David Levi has been hard at work refining his Magnetovore electronic Theremincello.  Now, 7 prototypes later, the instrument has evolved significantly with a more minimalistic design and better playability.  You can see the latest results in this video featuring musician and composer Ben Sollee performing on the instrument.

To learn more about the Magnetovore (including how to purchase one), visit it's website at

Podcast Interview with Thorwald Jørgensen

A new exciting interview with Thorwald for the Los Angeles based podcast Entertainment Drive-Thru is now online (in English!). You can listen to it here :

Moog Theremini Now Available

Moog Music Theremini

Moog Music announced general availability of their new Theremini theremin today.  The product was first announced at NAMM in January 2014 and began shipping this week. 

The Moog Theremini is different from traditional theremins in multiple ways:  It uses a digital synthesizer engine derived from their Animoog iOS app rather than heterodyning to produce sounds.  It offers MIDI output that can be used to control software and hardware synthesizers (or anything you can control with MIDI, such as a necktie).  Perhaps most polarizing of all, the Theremini includes adjustable pitch correction (think auto-tune for theremins).  Best of all, the Theremini has a street price of just $299, making it an attractive option for people looking to try out a theremin.

The Theremini caused quite a stir in the theremin purist community and among fans of Moog's traditionally analog gear.  Fans of the instrument applaud its lower price point and the ability to produce more than just the typical theremin timbres.  I haven't tried a Theremini myself yet, but I'm excited at the idea that someone is innovating in the theremin space.  Whether the Theremini stands the test of time or not is yet to be determined.  Personally, I'm thrilled about the lower price point, as I hope it will attract even more musicians to the theremin in general, even if they graduate from the Theremini to a more traditional model.

If you're considering buying one, head over to our Theremini page to learn more about the instrument, see some videos of it in action, and find links to various online reviews.  If you buy one, feel free to post comments to let us know how you like it.

The Theremini is currently available from: