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    RCA Theremin

    Flashback: Big Briar Model 500 Theremin Controller

    I recently learned about a really fun blog called Retro Synth Ads.  If you're like me and spent your youth pouring through issues of magazines like Keyboard, Electronic Musician, and others looking at gear, this blog will bring back some great...

    RCA Theremin

    Ohad Basson's Theremin 2.0

    Theremin 2.0 from Bassonism on Vimeo.Ohad Basson, an industrial designer from Israel, wasn't content with the standard theremin.  For the past several months, he's been working on a bold evolution of the instrument.  "Theremin 2.0" is made of a...

    RCA Theremin

    New Hybrid Theremin from Moog

    Announced at NAMM, Moog has release a new hybrid theremin combining heterodyne pitch generation and an analog synthesizer sound generator.  The Theremini.Features include built in pitch correction, tuner, a speaker, and USB MIDI...

    RCA Theremin

    tVOX tour theremins sold on eBay by its builder

    George Pavlov, Lydia Kavina's husband and builder of the tVOX tour theremin is actually selling two of these professional instruments on eBay!More info here:

    RCA Theremin

    Vectr 3D Gesture Controller Inspired By The Theremin

    Meet Vectr, a new 3D controller inspired by the theremin.  Inventor Matt Heins of HackMe is hoping to raise $10,000 USD on to get Vectr off the ground. Vectr uses an array of sensors to detect hand position and motion in 3D...

    Guide to Buying a Theremin

    Here at Theremin World, readers often ask "which theremin should I buy?" We've created this handy guide to help you make your decision. When deciding which theremin to purchase, here are some important considerations. Budget Hands down, the first question...

    RCA Theremin

    First RCA Theremin By Westinghouse For Sale

    Folks, when it rains, it pours! Another vintage theremin is currently for sale on eBay.  As you might recall, RCA built...

    RCA Theremin

    Shop Labor Day Sales to Save On Theremins!

    Monday is Labor Day in the United States, and that means big sales and big savings for you all weekend! Guitar Center is of...

    RCA Theremin

    RCA Theremin For Sale

    Auction house Grogan and Company has RCA theremin serial number 100034 currently listed for sale.  The theremin appears...

    RCA Theremin

    Therevox ET-4 Appears On 4 New Recordings

    The Therevox ET-4 has found its voice on a few new albums released recently.  According to a post on's blo...